Sultan Zymex Dual Enzyme Sterilizing Solution in 1 Gallon

$45.29 - $159.69
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  • A patented dual enzyme formulation that breaks down organic debris such as blood, rust and mineral deposits from all types of surgical instruments and scopes
  • In addition, it will attack protein, carbohydrate and lipid containing soils
  • Zymex Concentrate Features:
    • Free Rinsing, does not leave a residue
    • Breaks down three times more bio burden than the market leaders within five minutes
    • Low Foaming for use in ultrasonic cleaners, evacuation systems, reprocessing units and washer/sterilizers
    • Contains a special rust inhibitor that prevents corrosion on metal instruments
    • Neutral pH making it safe to use for almost any medical and dental device
    • Economical, super-concentrated formula. 1 oz. (30ml) makes 1 gal (3.8L) of solution


  • Available Individually or by the Case
    • 128 oz. per Gallon
    • 4 Gallons per case