Septodont Sterile Singe-Use Ultra Safety Plus Plastic Syringe Handle - 50/Box

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  • Needle stick injury prevention device


  • Features a patented system with a sliding sheath that locks into place for disposing of contaminated needles


  • This system allows for use of multiple cartridges and has been proven in dental clinics around the world


  • Bevel Indicator - Orient your needle quickly with our new bevel indicator


  • Transparent Barrel - Provides easy inspection of solution during aspiration


  • Unique Sliding Protective Sheath - No longer necessary to unthread contaminated needle, just slide the protective sheath to cover the needle


  • Reloadable - Accepts multiple cartridges for single patient use


  • Re-engineered locking mechanism - Improves stability and safety


  • Pre-sterilized Single Use Handle - individually packed - protection against cross-contamination