PM 1:2 Straight Impaction Drill

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  • Designed to withstand the stresses caused from repeated lateral pressure
  • New bur guard to prevent the physiological liquid from returning into the physio-dispenser – for impeccable hygiene
  • Brings uncompromising quality and reliability to the OMS market
  • Newly improved infection control features position this straight handpiece at the forefront of patient safety and, in turn, afford it with significantly prolonged service life.
  • Safe and Durable
  • Aside from its primary function of thoroughly cooling the operative field, the PM 1:2’s external irrigation system – with sterile disposable tubing – complies with the highest hygiene standards in oral surgery
  • Complemented with a new single-use bur guard preventing fluid infiltration in both the shank and the motor, the risk of overheating and premature handpiece failure is significantly minimized
  • The high rotational speed reduces cutting time by 70 % (12 seconds to completely section a tooth), while significantly reducing the force required
  • Optimal diameter and height of the PM 1:2’s promotes near unobstructed intraoral visibility and makes for a less invasive approach to extract impacted molars

Recommended Procedures:

  • Implant + Oral Surgery + Endo applications including third molar extractions
  • Torque in Implant modeup to 55 Ncm Torque for surgical applicationsup to 5.8 Ncm
  • Torque Control
  • Auto-Reverse & Auto-forward (Endo mode)
  • MX-i LED motor compatible with all E-type handpieces i.e : CA 20:1 implant / 1:2 Surgical / 1:5 Periodontology / 8:1 endo
  • Autoclavable (MX-i LED micromotor)
  • Self-ventillated technology (MX-i LED micromotor)
  • LED Light (MX-i LED micromotor)
  • PM 1:2 supports universal burs
  • PM 1:2 Speed rangeup to 80,000 rpm
  • MX-i LED micromotor Warranty 2 years

Technical Data:

  • Straight handpiece
  • 1:2 Transmission ratio
  • Speed range: 200-80,000rpm
  • External irrigation: On detachable sleeve
  • Detachable sleeves: With irrigation tube, supplied with each instrument and Bur Guard sterile sleeve
  • Coupling: Type E as per ISO 3964
  • Locking system: Locking ring
  • Bur dimension: ø 2.35 mm / type 2, as per ISO 1797
  • Cleaning / sterilisation: Thermo Washer Disinfectable/Steam autoclave up to 135 °C
  • Warranty: 1 year