Partial Extraction Therapy Kit (PET)

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  • Developed by Dr. Howard Gluckman
  • Specifically developed to make the Partial Extraction Therapy Techniques more achievable
  • Step by step process helps to standardize the procedure to enable faster and more predictable results
  • Development of the kit was made possible through research which highlighted the complications associated with the techniques
  • The internal and external shield exposure are the main complications associated with socket shield and pontic shield
  • The use for the PET kit has specific drills that enable the simple reduction of the shield without damage to the adjacent mucosa as well as preparation of the chamfer below the bone level in order to create the prosthetic space necessary for ideal soft tissue healing over the shield
  • The large round diamonds are ideal for both socket shield as well as Root Submergence Technique
  • The size of the round drills allows fast and easy reduction of the roots to the ideal position reducing treatment time and achieving predictability