Medesy Implant Maintence Kit

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  • The bacterial aggression observed on the neck portion of the implants is similar to the bacterial aggression observable at the muco-gingival junction of the tooth


  • The stainless steel instruments may contaminate the titanium made implants while plastic instruments do not fully remove the failing tissues around the implant


  • Hence the need of using instruments made of titanium, the unique solution for a real efficient and fully safe handling on and close to the implants sites


  • Blue colour for a simple and fast identification of titanium tips, from standard grey of stainless steel


  • Kit consists of:


  • CP15 Probe


  • 4R/4L Columbia Titanium Curette


  • H6-H7 Titanium Scaler


  • Gracey 5/6 Short Titanium Curette


  • Gracey 7/8 Short Titanium Curette


  • Gracey 11/12 Short Titanium Curette


  • Gracey 13/14 Short Titanium Curette


  • Gammafix Cassette