MCT Bone Collector and Guide Kit

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  • Designed to accomplish 3 tasks in a single kit
    • Implant positioning
    • Osteotomies
    • Bone harvesting and decortication
  • Can be used with the majority of implant systems
  • Allows clinicians to confidently place dental implants without the worry or complication of implant guide
  • Implant positioning:
    • Provides three sizes of guide pins
    • Guide pins preserve the restorative space of the final crown by accurately spacing implant osteotomies
      • Select the appropriate guide pin which will be determined by the estimated size of the final crown
      • Find the corresponding stopper and engage it with the guide drill
      • Stoppers come in a variety of lengths to prevent over/under drilling
      • After the pilot hole is created, slide the stopper pin in the osteotomy to preserve the restorative space
      • Repeat for multiple implant sites
  • Osteotomies:
    • Created with a variety of Bone Collecting Drills
    • Drills come in the following diameters:
      • 2.8mm
      • 3.3mm
      • 3.8mm
      • 4.3mm
      • 4.8mm
    • For hard bone:
      • Chose the diameter which is closest to the diameter of the implant, but not larger
    • For soft bone:
      • Chose the diameter which is the second smaller size
    • Stoppers slide over the barrel of the drill to prevent over/under drilling as well as accurately distancing the osteotomy from adjacent teeth
  • Bone harvesting and decortication:
    • During the creation of the osteotomy, bone will be collected within the hollow chamber of the drill
    • This bone is easily removed and can be used to graft around the implant
    • Kit also includes a 1.4mm Decortication Drill which a built in stopper
    • Decortication drill is used to increase vascularity,and improve the likelihood of surgical success
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