Kerr TF® Adaptive 23mm Medium/Large Assorted Nickel Titanium Rotary File Procedure Pack - 6/Pack

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  • Sybron Endo TF® Adaptive Files Procedure Pack are designed to work with Elements TM Adaptive Motion Technology, which allows the TF Adaptive file to self-adjust to intracanal torsional forces
  • TF Adaptive features Adaptive Motion Technology, which uses a patented feedback algorithm to change the motion of the file based on the applied load
  • As the stress increases or decreases, the motor responds accordingly, giving you the benefits of both rotary and reciprocation at exactly the right moment
  • A simplified file technique for root canal therapy utilizing the Elements Motor with Adaptive motion technology
  • The intuitive color-coded system is designed for efficiency and ease of use
  • Built on the same advanced Twisted File technology as the Classic TF system
  • Exceptional file control through the entire procedure
  • Features a simple 3-file technique
  • Contains:
    • (1) #8 25mm K-file
    • (1) #10 25mm K-file
    • (1) #15 25mm K-file
    • (1) Medium/Large Green 23mm TF® Adaptive file
    • (1) Medium/Large Yellow 23mm TF® Adaptive file
    • (1) Medium/Large Red 23mm TF® Adaptive file