Johnson Promident #41 Inverted Cone HP Carbide Bur

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  • For producing undercuts in cavity preparations; slightly rounded edges on the blade corners reduce chipping for a smoother cut
  • Ideal for amalgam removal
  • May also be used to contour the occlusal anatomy of final restorations
  • For flattening pulpal and gingival walls


  • High quality tungsten carbide tips that are brazed onto the neck of a stainless steel shank
    • Exceeds the international standard required for load bearing, maximizing the strength of the burs and reducing the risk of breakage
  • Increased strength and high concentricity of the shank ensures an even tooth preparation
    • Means the cut is more efficient, causing less trauma to the tooth and less stress for the patient
  • Designed to cut sharper angles with a greater blade contact on the tooth surface
    • Gives a fast, smooth, vibration free performance, reducing patient discomfort as well as operative time
  • Complying with international standards, JP burs are manufactured to strict tolerances, eliminating any defects
    • This places less stress on the handpiece and reduces the risk of early chuck failure
  • Made from high grade, fine grain tungsten carbide, crafted to resist wear, chipping and breakage
    • Produces a longer lasting, durable bur, which is cost effective and value for money
  • Wide range of carbide burs to accommodate individual preferences and cover a multitude of applications


  • Available in 2 quantities
    • Pack of 10 Burs
    • Pack of 100 Burs